Create and manage business contacts in Outlook Customer Manager

Track sales opportunities

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Manage sales opportunities with deals in Outlook Customer Manager.

Create a deal

  1. Select an email to view information about the contact in the Outlook Customer Manager pane to the right of the reading pane.

  2. Add a sales opportunity (deal) by selecting the + button next to Deals.

  3. Select Save.

  4. Select the newly created deal and then select View Details to view the details.

  5. Fill in any additional details like amount, stage, and priority and then select Save.

Customize deals

  1. Select the More button on the Outlook navigation pane and then select Add-ins to launch the detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager.

    OCM_More button

  2. Select Deals.

  3. Select the pen icon next to the Stage column.

  4. Enter a new custom stage and then select Save.

  5. Scroll horizontally to the Amount column and select the pen icon.

  6. Select the currency from the drop-down list to update the currency.

Want more?

Outlook Customer Manager FAQ

Outlook Customer Manager keeps you on top of sales opportunities right within Outlook.

Let's say you receive an email about the services you offer.

You can use Outlook Customer Manager to create a deal to start tracking this new sales opportunity.

Add more details on this opportunity, such as the deal amount, priority of the deal, closing date, and its stage.

See all your active deals in the Detailed view of Outlook Customer Manager to monitor and manage your sales pipeline.

You can also customize Outlook Customer Manager to better align with your existing sales process.

For example, you can customize deals stages if you want to changes the preset label.

You can also change the currency for your deal environment by using a drop-down menu with options from many countries.

Stay on top of your sales opportunities right from your Inbox with Outlook Customer Manager.

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