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Watch this video to learn how to sync a site library

Synchronization makes sure any changes to a file on the desktop or in the site document library are reconciled so that each copy of the file reflects the latest changes.

Note: When you sync files in a site library, the operation is just for that library. If you work with more than one library, you need to sync each library.

  1. Go to the site library.

  2. Select Sync.

  3. At the prompt, click Sync Now to start the sync app. If the app is not on your computer, it automatically downloads.

  4. You can click Show my files in the wizard to open the synced library folder in File Explorer. The folder is listed in your Favorites.

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I’m working in my Office 365 team site, and I want to have a copy of the files from this document library on my computer. So I’ll select the library.

I select Sync, and then Sync Now. I see which library I’m syncing, and where to find that library later. It’ll be saved in my personal user folder, and I can also find it through my Windows favorites.

If I don’t have the sync app, I’ll be prompted to install it.

I select Sync Now to start the download, then click Show My Files… to go to the synced library folder.

Here are my site library documents. I can tell they were synced successfully because they all have a green checkmark on their document icons.

The next time I need them, I can find them in the SharePoint folder in my Windows favorites.

And now I can open and edit these documents, and my changes will immediately synchronize with my site libraries.

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