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Before you print a diagram, adjust the print settings, preview how it’ll look, and make needed changes.

Preview the diagram

  1. Select File > Print.

  2. There are many preview options to choose from:

    Screenshot Print options

    • Select Zoom Out or Zoom In to change the size of the preview.

    • Select the preview and drag the image to pan around the page to see other parts of the diagram.

    • Select Zoom to Page to view the entire drawing page.

    • Select the arrows on each side of the page number to switch pages.

Fit the diagram on a single page

If your diagram is a different size than the paper, adjust the drawing.

  1. Select Portrait Orientation or Landscape Orientation.

  2. Select a paper size.

  3. Select Page Setup.

  4. Select Fit to.

  5. Select OK.

Add a header or footer

  1. Select Edit Header & Footer.

  2. Type in the header and footer text in the Left, Center, or Right box.

  3. Select OK.

Print the diagram

  1. Select a printer.

  2. Select the number of copies.

  3. Select the pages to print.

  4. Select Collated or Uncollated.

  5. Select Color or Black and white.

  6. Select Print.

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Use Visio Viewer to view or print Visio drawings

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Change the drawing page or printer paper size

Your diagram is finished and it’s time to print copies for your team.

Before you do, preview the diagram, make any changes, and set everything up just right.

To get started, I go to File, and select Print.

The preview shows me how the diagram will look when it’s printed on the selected printer.

It updates as I change settings.

To take a closer look at the details, I select Zoom In on the status bar.

To see other parts of the diagram, I select the preview page and drag it.

When I’m ready to see the big picture again, I select Zoom Out.

Or, I select Zoom to Page to view the entire drawing page.

In a large or multi-page drawing, I preview the rest by selecting Next Page on the status bar.

If my diagram is a different size than the printed paper, I can adjust the drawing to fit the page.

First, I select Portrait Orientation or Landscape Orientation to choose the page orientation for the printed diagram.

Then I select the size of the paper in my printer.

Adjusting the orientation and size might change how the diagram appears on the page.

The drawing page size for this diagram is larger than the printer paper size and was split into multiple pages for printing.

I’m going to change it so that it fits on one printed page.

First, I select Page Setup.

Then I select Fit to and select OK.

The preview changes to show how the drawing will print on the page.

If a diagram contains multiple pages, I can set the print orientation and size for each page individually.

A header or footer is helpful on printed pages.

To add them, I select Edit Header & Footer.

Then I type the header or footer text in Left, Center, or Right, and select OK.

Once I’m satisfied with the preview, I select the number of Copies I want to print and which Pages.

Then I select Print.

My diagram is set up exactly as I want and is on its way to the printer.

When it’s finished printing, I’ll have copies to share with my team.

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