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Step one in your Yammer rollout plan is the combination of two tasks. First, make some technical changes for your organization, which shouldn’t take much time (approximately 20%). Once that’s done, spend more of your time (approximately 80%) creating a positive culture around Yammer. Yammer is now automatically activated with your Office 365 subscription, which means you can get started with both tasks right away.

Add a usage policy, company logo, and welcome message

The following technical steps begin the process of personalizing your Yammer network. The next three tasks can only be done by the Office 365 admin.

Upload your company logo    For more information, see the “Design” section in Setting up your Yammer network (Yammer Admin Guide).

The Contoso logo

Establish a general usage policy    For more information and a policy example, see the “Usage policy” section in Setting up your Yammer network (Yammer Admin Guide).

A sample Yammer policy

Invite users with a welcome message     For more information, see the “Invite users” section in Managing your Yammer users (Yammer Admin Guide).

A sample invitation

Form a positive Yammer culture

Take some time to help form a positive Yammer culture by recommending proper etiquette and guidance, fostering community management, and creating a Yammer 101 group.

Provide etiquette and guidance     By recommending appropriate etiquette and providing proper guidance, you provide a structure to make communication more productive and engaging. This is a key difference between Yammer social networking and other forms of social networking.

Examples of etiquette

Create a sense of community management    Find a few people in the organization who want the responsibility to look after the community on the Yammer network. They can be a good host, a friendly contact, and source of acknowledgment and reward.

Examples of cultural statements

Create a Yammer 101 group    Naturally, when people first come to your Yammer network, they may have questions about how to engage, how to “Like” something, or attach a file. A Yammer 101 group is a safe place for them to ask those start up questions and learn best practices.

An example Yammer 101 group

Want More?

Get ready for Yammer!

Yammer integration with Office 365

Etiquette Guide

The tasks needed to personalize Yammer are about 20% technical and 80% cultural. Let’s see how that works.

For the 20% that’s technical, an Office admin does the following: Upload your company logo to Yammer, establish a general usage policy,

and invite users with a welcome message.

For the 80% that’s cultural, form a positive Yammer culture by doing the following: Recommend proper etiquette so communication is productive and engaging to everyone.

Create a sense of community management in groups.

Finally, create a Yammer 101 group as a place for everyone to ask start-up questions and learn best practices.

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