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Suppose that you have a short amount of time to get a spreadsheet together. You're planning to work on the spreadsheet after hours and on your way to work, but you're not sure how you're going to transfer that file from your computer to your other devices. With Office 365, you can save your file to the cloud, access it using different devices, and even share it with your team so you can all work on it together. Watch the video to see how it works, and then proceed to the first module to get started.

What you'll need for this course

This course features Office 365 for business, including Office and OneDrive for Business across a variety of devices and platforms. You can follow this course and learn by watching. To get the most value out of the course, sign in to Office 365 and try the exercises in the course modules.

Here's a list of the applications used in this course, followed by setup instructions for the software and devices of your choice.

  • Office 365 for business

  • Office for the web

  • Excel 2016, Excel for the web, Excel for iPad, and Excel on mobile devices

  • OneDrive for Business

If you do not already have these applications installed, in the following sections, you'll find setup information.

With Office 365 I can save my documents in the cloud, and then get to them from anywhere, on any device.

Office 365 includes OneDrive for Business, a cloud storage location for my documents. Once I save my document here, I can always get to it and make changes, no matter where I am or which device I’m on.

With the Office Apps or Office Online, I can use my iPad at home, say, to make a quick change to this title, or I can use my Android phone on the way to work.

I’ll just change a couple of values here.

With Office 365, and my docs stored in the cloud, I can get work done when and where it’s most convenient for me.

The spreadsheet looks good—time to invite some teammates to help me finish it up.

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