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If you need to give someone access to your schedule, email, share or print your calendar.

Email Calendar

  1. Select Calendar Calendar .

  2. Select Home > E-mail Calendar.

  3. Select the Calendar, Date Range, and Detail.

  4. Select Advanced to change the E-mail Layout, Daily schedule, and List of events.

  5. Select OK.

    Note: Your calendar entries populate in the email.

  6. Address the email and select Send.

Print Calendar

  1. Select Calendar Calendar .

  2. Select File > Print.

  3. Select Print Options Print Options .

  4. Select the Print style and Print range (dates) that you want to share.

  5. Select Preview to preview the page.

  6. Select Print.

  7. Select the left arrow Back to go back to the calendar.

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Send an Outlook calendar in an email message

Basic tasks in Outlook

Sometimes you need to give someone else access to your schedule.

It could be on a permanent basis, as if you have an executive assistant, or on a temporary basis.

Maybe you're going away on vacation and you need to have somebody fill in for you.

You have a few options to share your schedule.

The first option is emailing it to somebody.

From the calendar Home ribbon tabs, select E-Mail Calendar.

The first thing you need to decide, is which calendar you'd like to email.

After that, you can choose a Date Range, it defaults to Today, but you can change the dates.

You can even click specify dates and choose a particular date range, which is useful if you're going away.

In this case, I'll choose Next 7 days.

Next, you'll need to decide the level of detail you're going to include.

For example, availability only, such as Free or Busy, I can click the drop down triangle and choose.

I can select Limited details, which includes the subject line also or Full details, which also includes the body of the calendar entry.

I'll change it to Limited details and I can also click Advanced to change the email layout.

I can send a daily schedule or just a list of events.

Click OK, and your calendar entries will be populated in the email.

I can scroll down and see the date range when I'll be away and my entire list of calendar events, all nice and tidy and arranged in the email.

Now all I have to do is address the email and send it.

In addition to emailing my calendar to somebody, I can share my calendar.

To share your calendar, from the Home ribbon tab, choose Share Calendar.

I'm going to populate the To field with who I want to share my calendar with.

I can choose the level of detail that I want them to be able to see.

In this case I'll choose Limited details again.

And I can also place a check box next to Request permission to view a recipient's calendar, if I'd like them to share their calendar out so I can view it.

I'll click Send.

I'm going to choose Yes on the confirmation that I do want to share my calendar, and my email will get sent.

Let's see what that looks like on the other side of the inbox.

I'm going to go back to my inbox now.

If he's read the request and has decided to share his calendar with me, this is the mail message that I'm going to get.

I can open up their calendar right from the preview pane by clicking Open this Calendar. It's going to open up in the Shared Calendar section, and like I showed you in the last video, I can right-click it and overlay it directly on top of mine.

The last method of sharing my calendar with others, is printing it.

To print the calendar, change to the File ribbon tab and select Print.

After I choose the Printer, I can select Print Options to choose the Date Range and Style that I'd like to print my calendar.

I have a number of styles to choose from such as Daily Style, Weekly Agenda, Weekly Calendar Style, even Monthly Style.

Once I choose a calendar style, I can verify that I am, in fact, printing the correct calendar and then I can choose the date range.

If I've chosen a weekly calendar, the range that I choose will be a week.

If I change to a Monthly calendar, I need to make sure I've selected the correct month.

I can also click Hide details of private appointments, to make sure that I'm not going to be printing out anything that I don't want people to see.

To verify my settings and make sure I'm printing the right options without wasting paper, I can select Preview.

It's going to pop up a preview of my calendar, if I like the way it looks, I can click the big Print button on the top left hand side of the screen.

To get back to the calendar, click the arrow on the top left hand side. As you can see, there's many different ways that you can share your calendar data with others.

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