Video: Create, save, and share custom stencils

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Create a custom stencil to group shapes together that you use regularly, and then share it with your team.

Create a custom stencil

  1. Select More Shapes > New Stencil.

  2. Right-click the stencil title and select Save As.

  3. Go to the My Shapes folder, if necessary.

  4. Type a file name for the stencil, and select Save.

    Tip: To open your custom stencil in another drawing, select More Shapes > My Shapes, and select the stencil name.

Add shapes to a custom stencil

  1. Drag shapes from the drawing page to the stencil.

    Or find a shape in another stencil, right-click it, select Add to My Shapes, and select your custom stencil.

  2. Select Save.

  3. To change the name of a shape, right-click the shape, select Rename Master, and type a new name.

  4. Right-click the stencil title and select Edit Stencil to protect the stencil from changes and remove the asterisk.

Share a custom stencil with your team

  1. In a web browser, open your SharePoint team site and go to the folder in the document library where you want to save the stencil.

  2. Select Upload.

  3. Go to the Documents library on your local computer, open the My Shapes folder, select the stencil file, and select Open.

Download a custom stencil from SharePoint

  1. In the SharePoint library, select the stencil.

  2. Select Download > Save as.

  3. In the Documents library on your local computer, go to the My Shapes folder and select Save.

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If you use certain shapes often, consider creating a custom stencil for easy access and sharing it with your team.

I want a collection of floorplan shapes that my team members can use to design their new office spaces.

First, I go to More Shapes and select New Stencil to create the stencil that will hold the shapes.

I right-click the stencil title and select Save As to save it in my My Shapes folder with a descriptive name: New Office Floorplan.

Here’s my new stencil in the stencil list.

I add shapes to it by dragging them from the drawing page to the stencil, just below Drop Quick Shapes.

If I want to add a shape that isn’t in this drawing, I find the stencil that contains it, right-click the shape, select Add to My Shapes, and select my custom stencil.

I’ll select Save on the stencil title bar to save the changes.

To make my stencil more intuitive, I’ll change the names of shapes that I added from the drawing.

I right-click a shape, select Rename Master and type a more descriptive name.

After I save the stencil, I protect it from changes by right-clicking the stencil title, and selecting Edit Stencil to turn off editing.

To give my team access to these shapes, I upload it to our SharePoint team site.

Each team member can download the stencil, save it to the My Shapes folder on their computer and use it to plan their new office spaces.

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