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Create a polished and professional org chart that shows the relationships among employees, team members, and departments.

Start with the Organization Chart Wizard

  1. Select File > New.

  2. Select Organization Chart > Create.

  3. Select Information that I enter using the wizard, and select Next.

  4. Select the type of file you want to enter data into, type in a path and name, and select Next.

    Tip: If you select Excel, an Excel worksheet opens with sample text. If you select Delimited text, a Notepad page opens with sample information.

  5. Replace the sample text with your information.

  6. Close Excel or Notepad, complete the wizard in Visio, and select Finish.

Change the look of an org chart

  • To change the shape style, select Org Chart > More, and select a shape style.

    Screenshot of Org Chart toolbar

  • To change the org chart layout, select Org Chart > Layout, and select a layout.

  • To rearrange the chart to fit the page, select Org Chart > Best Fit to Page.

  • To increase the spacing between shapes, select Org Chart > Increase the Spacing.

Add a picture to a shape

  1. Select the shape.

  2. Select Org Chart > Insert > Picture.

  3. Select the picture file.

Add a new person

  1. Select a shape that represents the person’s job description.

  2. Drag the shape onto the drawing page, and place it on top of the shape you want to connect the two.

  3. Select the Name text box, and type in the name of the new person.

  4. Select the Title text box, and type in a title for the new person.

Note: Add the person to the Excel or Notepad file you created in the Organization Chart Wizard so that it’s up to date and ready to use when you create other org charts for your team.

Add a team frame and title

  1. Select the Team frame shape.

  2. Drag it onto the drawing page.

  3. Use the resize handles to fit the Team frame shape around the shapes that represent team members.

  4. To add a team title, select Home > Text, type in the team’s name, and select Pointer Tool to finish.

  5. To change the frame's line color, select Home > Line, and select a color, line weight, and dash style.

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Transform a list of complex relationships between people within your company into a clear, visual organization chart.

If you’ve never created an org chart, or you want a quick start, follow the directions in the Organization Chart Wizard.

Go to File and select New.

Select Organization Chart, and then select Create.

Build your org chart from information stored in an Excel file, or enter the information with step-by-step guidance.

I want help entering the information, so I’ll select Information that I enter using the wizard and select Excel as the source for my data.

I enter a path and name for the Excel file in New file name, and select Next.

In Excel, I replace the sample text with information about the people in my organization.

I can add, change, or delete any column except the Name and Reports to columns.

When I’m finished, I save the file.

And close Excel.

Back in the wizard, I select Next — I’ll add pictures later.

And then select Finish.

There’s more I can do to change the look of my org chart. If I go to Org Chart, I can select the More arrow in the Shapes group to change the shape style,

Layout to change the orientation of the org chart,

Best Fit to Page to rearrange the chart to fit the page,

and Increase the Spacing to add more space between shapes.

To add a photo to a shape, I select the shape, select Insert, select Picture, and choose a picture file.

When a new person joins our organization, I add them to my chart —and update my Excel spreadsheet.

I drag the shape that represents the new person’s job description onto their supervisor’s shape to connect them.

Then, I select Name and type the person’s name and add their title.

Before I finish, I want to highlight several people who worked together on a project.

I drag the Team frame shape onto the drawing page, and drag the resize handles around the people I want to include.

To give the frame a title, I go to Home, select Text, type a title, and select Pointer Tool to finish.

To change the line color, I select Line and choose a color.

There's a whole lot more you can do with organization charts.

Explore the org chart shapes to get more ideas about visualizing how your organization works.

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