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Tabs let you highlight the apps, services, and files your team cares about right at the top of a channel, so everyone in your team can get to them.

Every channel comes with three tabs by default:

  • Conversations - where your team posts messages and replies, holds meetings, and shares files.

  • Files - helps your team store, find, and co-edit all the documents that have been uploaded to that channel.

  • Wiki - use to draft documents, track meeting notes, and collaborate in real time.

Add a tab

  1. Select the Select to add an item. plus sign next to the tabs.

  2. Select the type of tab you want.

  3. Type a name and choose a workspace.

  4. Select Post to the channel about this tab.

  5. Select Save.

Get a link to a tab

  1. Select More options, the three dots in the upper right.

  2. Select Copy link to tab.

Start a conversation about a particular app or file

  • Select Select to start a chat. Show tab conversation.

    People can follow the conversation here, or back in the channel. Select Conversations to see the conversation in the channel.

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