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Add SmartArt to a slide

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Add SmartArt to your PowerPoint slides to create visual impact to your text and bullets.

Add SmartArt

  1. Select the text that you'd like to work with.

  2. Select Home > Convert to SmartArt, and then select a SmartArt graphic.

  3. Under the SmartArt Tools Design tab, you can choose from:

    • SmartArt Styles - Select a SmartArt style to apply to your slides.

    • Change Colors - Change colors of your SmartArt style.

Add pictures to SmartArt

  1. Select the image placeholder inside your SmartArt.

  2. Select Browse, go to a photo you'd like to use, and select Insert.

    If you'd like to format your photo, you can choose:

    • Crop - Crop your photo or use the tool to adjust your photo's fit in the placeholder. Select Crop to confirm the change.

  3. If you'd like to change your selected SmartArt style, under the SmartArt Design tab, select the drop-down arrow for Layouts > More Layouts.

  4. Select a SmartArt style you like, such as Picture, and then select OK.

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PowerPoint can help you create all sorts of neat ways to show diagrams, flowcharts, and can even let you add a picture to a diagram.

It's called SmartArt, and all the functionality you need is built right into PowerPoint.

Here's my Executive Team slide.

This is the perfect slide to convert into SmartArt.

I'll click and drag to select all the text.

On the Home ribbon tab, I'll click Convert to SmartArt.

From here, I can choose a graphic that suits my need.

Now, if I hold my mouse over each one, I can see what it's going to look like on the slide.

I'll start off by choosing one.

I get two new tabs, the SmartArt Design tab and the SmartArt Format tab.

The first thing I want to do is choose a SmartArt style.

I can click the down arrow, I'll choose this nice 3D one to go along with the look and feel of everything else on my slides.

I can also change the colors a bit.

I'll give them all different colors to make them more interesting to look at.

Because this is a picture one, I can click on the pictures and choose an image to go along into each section.

I'll browse my Assets folder.

And now we'll go through.

Click Browse again and match up each picture with the right executive.

These look good, but we can get the fit a little bit better.

I'll click to select the image.

In the Picture Tools Format tab, I'll choose Crop.

I'm not going to change the size of it.

However, I am going to drag the picture around inside of it to make it fit just a little bit better.

When I'm happy with my selection, I'll choose Crop.

Now we can see Dahlia's headshot a lot more clearly.

I'll do the same thing with this one.

I'll select it, choose Crop, and now I'll slide it around so that I can see a clear view of her head.

I'll click Crop again.

That's much better.

If at any point you decide you don't like the SmartArt that you've chosen, I'll click on it once to select it,

I'll click the SmartArt Tools Design tab, then I can change to a new layout.

In fact, I can click More layouts, and now I have a categorized list so that I can easily find a SmartArt graphic that's perfect for my data.

I'm going to choose Picture because I want all the choices that will allow me to put a picture in it because that's what I have.

This one looks nice.

I'll select a new format, click OK, and my SmartArt will instantly convert.

You'll notice that the pictures still look fantastic in this new shape.

You have many choices.

So play around with SmartArt, as the more you use it, the more powerful you'll find it really is.

It takes so much work out of building your presentations for things like timelines, milestones, teams, and flowcharts.

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