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Add almost any type of picture or image file to your diagram to create visual appeal, enhance your information, or include company branding.

Add a picture from your computer or from SharePoint

  1. Select Insert. There are two options to choose from:

    • Select Pictures to add a picture from a local drive or a SharePoint site.

    • Select Online Pictures to add a picture from OneDrive or Bing.

      Note: When using pictures or clip art from Bing, you're responsible for respecting copyright.

  2. Find and insert the picture. Choose from multiple options:

    • Navigate to the folder where the picture is stored on your local drive or in SharePoint. Select it, and select Open.

    • Select a picture in Bing or OneDrive. Or type keywords in the search box, and press Enter. Select the picture you want, and select Insert.

      Note: Select Bing, or select OneDrive to switch to OneDrive.

Move a picture

  • Drag the picture to the location you want.

Resize a picture

  • Drag a resize handle until the picture is the size you want.

Adjust a picture

  • Select AutoBalance to automatically adjust the brightness and color.

  • Select Compress Picture to reduce the picture's file size.

  • Select Line to add an outline.

  • Select Crop Tool to trim away unwanted parts of the picture.

  • Select Bring to Front or Send to Back to change the order of your picture, in relation to other objects on the page.

Want more?

Insert pictures into a Visio diagram

Add pictures to diagrams to create visual appeal, provide additional details, or display company branding material.

Pictures can come from a variety of sources. To get started, go to Insert. From here, you can select Pictures, to add pictures from your computer or a SharePoint site, Online Pictures, to search for images using Bing, Chart, to create charts and graphs or CAD Drawing, to insert CAD—or Computer-aided Design—drawings.

I want to add a picture of our new editor, Sara Davis, to introduce her to the team. I’ll select Pictures.

Here’s Sara’s picture. I’ll select it, and select Open.

I’ll drag the picture near the shape that says “Contact Sara Davis” and then go to Format, and select Bring to Front. Now her picture is in front of the shape.

But Sara’s picture might look better inside the shape. I’ll select the text in the shape.

Go to Home, and select Text Block. I’ll move the text within the shape to make room for the picture.

Now I’ll select Pointer Tool, select the picture, resize it to fit and then move it inside the shape.

There’s more I can do to enhance my picture. If I go to Format I can select AutoBalance to automatically adjust the brightness and contrast Compress Picture, to reduce its file size.

Line, to add an outline, or Crop Tool, to trim away unwanted parts.

By adding a picture to my diagram, moving it to a logical spot, and formatting it so that it’s easy to see, I can provide my team with a visual experience that enhances my information.

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