Add animations to slides​

Add animations to slides​

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Add animation to pictures, shapes, text boxes, and more to help bring your PowerPoint slides to life.

Choose an animation

  1. Select an object, press Shift, and then select the rest of the objects in your slide if needed.

  2. Select Animation > More to view the three animation types:

    • Entrance: Control how an object appears on a slide.

    • Emphasis: Control what happens to the object while it’s already on the slide.

    • Exit: Control how an object leaves a slide.

  3. Select an animation to use.

Change animation settings

  1. Select Animation Pane.

  2. To determine when and how each animation will happen, select an object, and then select its drop-down arrow.

  3. Select an option for each animation:

    • Start On Click: Make an animation start with a click.

    • Start With Previous: Make an animation start at the same time as the previous one.

    • Start After Previous: Make an animation start after the previous one happens.

  4. To reorder an object, select it and then select the Up and Down Arrows in the Animation Pane.

Change multiple animation settings at once

  1. To change all animations at once, select an animation, press Shift, and then select the last animation. You now have several options:

    • To speed up or slow down an animation, change the number in the Duration box.

    • To determine when animations appear with a click, select Trigger > On Click of, and then select an object.

    • To add multiple animation effects, select Add Animation.

    • Select Preview to playback your animations.

Delete an animation

  • Right-click the animation in the Animation Pane and select Remove.
    Or, select an animation from the top of the slide and press Delete.

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Animate text or objects

Apply multiple animation effects to one object

You can add animation to pictures, shapes, and text boxes.

When you create animations, always be thinking how they're going to work in conjunction with your talk.

Some can be for fun, some can be for function.

Sometimes you need to slowly reveal elements on your slide.

In fact, let's slowly reveal these pictures.

I need to start by selecting them all.

And I do that by clicking on one, holding down the Shift key on my keyboard, and clicking the rest of the pictures.

With them all selected, I'll move to the Animations ribbon tab.

From here, I can see some animations to start with, and I can click the down arrow and choose some more.

There's three types of animations.

There's an Entrance animation, an Emphasis animation, and an Exit animation.

Entrance will control how an object appears on the slide, Emphasis is something that can happen to it while it's already on the slide, and Exit is a way for it to leave the slide.

I'm going to choose the Grow and Turn one.

I can see the animation, and I do like it, however, I don't want it to happen to every photo at the same time.

I'd like it to happen to each one in order. I'm going to open the Animation Pane so that we can change our settings.

I'll click Animation Pane.

It opens up and I can see all my animations on this slide.

There's a few things that I can do.

I need to associate how each animation is going to happen.

I'm going to start with the very last picture to appear on the slide.

I'd like this one to occur after the previous one happens.

I'm now going to work my way backwards.

Each one is going to start after the previous one happens.

All but the first one.

The first one is going to start when I click the mouse.

This way I can activate the start of all these animations.

If I need to reorder any of these pictures I can click on the picture and use the up and down arrows in the Animation Pane to change the order in which it's going to appear.

Once that's decided, I can make changes to all these animations at once by selecting them all.

I'll select one animation, hold down the Shift key on my keyboard, and select the last one.

With all of the animations selected, I can now change more options on the Animation Pane.

For example, I can change the duration of it. It's a little slow, and there's a lot of photos on the slide.

So I'm going to speed it up just a bit.

I can also choose a trigger.

For example, On Click of any other object that's on this slide.

And I can also add multiple animation effects.

I'll show you that in just a moment.

But for now, let's see how this looks.

We can see what we've ended up with by clicking Preview on the Animation tab.

Now that's more like it.

Let's move on to a different slide.

Let's do something fun.

Here's my last slide.

I'd like to have the smoothie appear from the bottom and then shake a little.

The first thing I'll do is select my photo.

I already have the Animation Pane open, so I can find an animation that I like.

I'll select Fly In, although that's a bit fast.

I need to slow it down a bit, so I'll set the duration to something just a little bit longer.

I'll click Preview.

That's more like it.

But now I'd like to add another Animation on top of it.

I'll click the object again.

And this time I'll choose Add Animation.

I'd like to have it Teeter.

I'll use an Emphasis animation.

I can now see that I have two animations stacked up.

If I want to delete a particular animation, I can click on it on the top of the slide, by selecting it and hitting the Delete key or I can right click on the animation itself and select Remove

Let's see the whole thing in action.


When I'm all done, I can close out of the Animation Pane on the top right hand side and get back to work.

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