Add and format tables and charts

Add a table

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When you want to display data in rows and columns, add a table to your document.

Add a table in Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook

  1. Select where you want to add a table in your file.

  2. Select Insert > Table.

  3. Hover over the boxes in the grid until you get the number of rows and columns you want.

  4. Select the boxes to insert the table.

Add a table in Excel

  1. Select the cells you want to include in your table.

  2. Select Insert > Table.

  3. Select OK.

Format or add a table style

  1. Select the table.

  2. Use the Mini Toolbar to format your table, or select Design and choose a Table Style from the gallery that opens.

  3. Select More for more options to choose from.

Add text to a table

  • To add text to a cell, select it and enter some text.

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To add a table, select where you want to put the table, then select Insert > Table.

Select the number of rows and columns you want.

Then move the mouse over the boxes in the grid.

When the grid is just right, select it to create the table.

In Excel, rather than selecting a grid, define a range of cells for the table, and then select Insert > Table.

Then select OK.

You can always add or remove rows or columns later.

To add formatting, select the table.

You can format the table with these options on the toolbar,

or select one of the Table Styles.

Select a style to apply to the table.

And add your text.

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