Use the pen to move or resize objects

Increasingly users are working with pen-enabled devices like the Microsoft Surface when editing documents, workbooks or presentations. Traditionally working with objects like pictures or charts has meant having to use a mouse or touchpad, but now Office 2016 allows you to use the pen to move, resize or rotate those objects.

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Use the handles on a selected object to move, resize or rotate that object

When you have an object in your document, workbook, or presentation, you can just hover over it with your pen and the object handles should appear. The handles are the little circles you see at the sides and corners.

To resize the object    Hover the pen over the corner and tap your pen on a circle and then drag in or out to make the object larger or smaller. Hovering over the border of the object makes handles appear that you can tap and drag to move the border in or out.

To rotate the object    Tap the curved arrow above the top of the object and drag the object around to rotate it as you like.

To move the object    Hover the pen over the middle of the object, and then tap and drag the move handle that appears.

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