Use Skype to meet virtually with students or staff in Microsoft Teams

Use Skype to meet virtually with students or staff in Microsoft Teams

Use Skype meetings within Teams to connect with students or staff virtually. Create meetings that the whole class team can join or call smaller groups or individuals.

Connect with the whole class team

Anyone from your class team can join a team meeting. Team meetings include audio, video, and screen sharing options.

To begin a meeting, start a new conversation in a channel and then select the Camera icon. Class team members will be notified to join the call from the appropriate channel.

Select Video Icon

You can also begin a meeting from an existing conversation by selecting the Camera icon.

Begin a meeting from an existing conversation by selecting

Schedule a team meeting for later

Set a time and date for a future whole class meeting by selecting the Cameraicon and then Schedulea meeting. From there, select the details of your meeting and schedule.

Use Skype to virtually meet with students and staff

Connect with individual students or small groups

To connect via audio or video with one student or a group of students, meet within a private chat. This means that the rest of the class team will not be able to join or see the meeting.

Select the Notepad icon to start a new chat and type in the students’ names you’re inviting to join. Then, select the Camera or Phone icons to begin a video or audio call.

To schedule a meeting for later with one or more students, select Meetings, then Schedule a meeting. Type in the students you want to invite, set details, and then schedule.

Schedule a meeting.

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Make an announcement or notify the whole class

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