The base calendar did not change the time that the resource is scheduled


You changed calendar settings, but the resource's schedule doesn't change as you expected.


Microsoft Office Project 2007 automatically creates a resource calendar (based on the project calendar as specified in the Project Information dialog box) for each resource. If you create a new base calendar for a resource and modify the working time in the new base calendar, but don't base the resource calendar on the new base calendar, it will look as though the calendar settings you entered were ignored. By default, Project will base the resource calendar on the project calendar, unless you specify otherwise.

Note: To make resource calendar changes to an enterprise resource, you must first check out the resource.


  1. On the View menu, click Resource Sheet.

  2. Click a resource name, and then click Resource Information Button image .

  3. On the General tab, click Change Working Time.

  4. In the Base Calendar field, click the name of the new base calendar that you created.

  5. Enter the nonworking days and times for the resource.

To make further changes to this resource's working time or nonworking time (but not to the working or non-working time for all resources), make your changes in the resource's calendar.

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