Summary of the Sketchpad drawing tools

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The table below describes the tools for drawing in the sketchpad.



Selection tool

Selects or deselects one or more drawn objects.

Freehand tool

Draws "freehand" as if you were drawing on paper with a pencil.

Line tool

Draws a straight line. Except for exact horizontal or vertical lines, all lines are slighted jagged.

Rectangle tool

Draws a rectangle.

Rounded Rectangle tool

Draws a rectangle with rounded corners.

Ellipse tool

Draws an ellipse.

Polygon tool

Draws a polygon. A polygon can be as complex as you want. However, the endpoint of the last line you draw must connect to the start point of the first line in order to complete the polygon (that is, a polygon cannot be completed with loose endpoints). If you choose a fill color, the polygon uses this color when you connect the start and end points.

Text tool

Draws a text box area and opens a Sketchpad window in which you can enter, edit, and format text.

Line Color tool

Sets the line color for the selected drawn object, and for subsequent objects you draw. "Default" sets the color to the default system color which is usually black.

Fill Color tool

Sets the fill color for any selected rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, or polygon, and for any subsequent shape that you draw. "Default" sets the color to the default system color which is usually black.

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