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Usually one or more presenters share content at a meeting with the other participants. However, presenters can allow permission to all participants to share content. If your permissions allow, you can use either of the following two methods for sharing content during your presentations:

  • Upload and display files (slide decks or other files). Use this method to show slides or files that you prepare prior to the meeting.

  • Create Live Meeting collaborative slides. Use this method to create content during the meeting.

Sharing Files

You can share any file that you prepare prior to the meeting by uploading the file using Office Live Meeting Web Access.

Note: You can upload files only when you run the Web-based client on a Microsoft Windows-based operating system.

To upload a file from your desktop or a network location

  1. In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Upload File (View Only).

  2. Click Browse.

  3. Navigate to the file that you want to upload, and then click Open.

  4. Click Upload.

Displaying and Navigating Content

During a meeting, you can show any file that you have either prepared and uploaded, or created by using the Live Meeting collaborative slides. If a file you uploaded contains multiple parts, such as a slide deck, you can navigate the file using buttons on the lower toolbar.

To display content

  • In the Content pane, click the file you want to display.

To navigate slides within the current file

  • In the lower toolbar, click the Previous Slide and Next Slide arrows.

Adding Live Meeting Collaborative Slides

To collaborate with meeting participants and make your presentations more free-form and interactive, you can add collaborative slides during the meeting. Depending on how the presenter has set attendee permissions, other participants can also collaborate on the slides you add. For more information, see Collaborating During Meetings.

Whiteboard Slides

A Whiteboard slide is a blank image slide upon which you can use the annotation tools to draw, add text and stamps, and highlight information.

To share a new Whiteboard collaborative slide

  • In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Whiteboard.

Poll Page Slides

Poll Page slides allow you to create a survey of participants during a presentation, which provides a way to find out participants input and reactions. You can create Poll Page slides before or during your presentation.

To share a new Poll Page collaborative slide

  1. In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Poll Page.

  2. In the Create Poll dialog box, enter the following polling information:

    • In the Question box, type the polling question that you want to ask participants.

    • In the Choices area, type the possible polling responses next to the colors that participants choose for each response. You can provide up to seven possible choices.

  3. Click OK.

Text Page Slides

A Text Page slide is a blank, editable slide on which you can type information, such as an agenda or an action item list, that attendees can copy and paste to their computers.

To share a new Text Page collaborative slide

  • In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Text Page.

Web Page Slides

With a Web Page slide, you can display a Web page to the attendees and provide each attendee with an independent connection to that URL, which allows attendees to navigate the linked site freely. You can also show Web Page slides containing playback of synchronized audio and video files, such as Macromedia Flash files.

To share a new Web Page collaborative slide

  1. In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Web Page.

  2. In the dialog box, type the Web location (URL) for the new slide, and then click Verify Web Page to confirm that the page is safe for viewing in Live Meeting. Verification is complete when the page completely loads in the Web Slide Preview page.

  3. At the top of the Web Slide Preview page, click Create Web Page.

Sharing Slides

By using a Sharing slide, you can display one or more applications from your computer during a meeting.

Note: You can use Sharing slides only when you run Office Live Meeting Web Access on a Apple Macintosh- or Sun Solaris-based operating system.

To share a new Sharing collaborative slide

  1. In the Content pane, click Share, and then click Share Desktop

  2. In the Sharing Options window, do one of the following:

    • If you want other participants to see your entire desktop, click Desktop and then click OK.

    • If you want to create a partial "frame" view of your desktop for other participants to see, click The Sharing Frame and then click OK

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