Share Database: Share Your Business Contact Manager Database

You must be the current database owner in order to share the database with other users. These users must also have access to your computer on which the database is located, either because they have been granted access by an administrator or because it is part of a domain that they belong to.

Note: You must be an administrator on the computer to add new users to those users who already have permission to access the computer.

  • If your computer is not on a domain and you are not an administrator, complete the Share Database wizard, and then ask the administrator to grant a new user access to the computer.

  • If you are an administrator and need to grant access to a new user, ensure you log on to the computer as its administrator unless you are running Windows Vista, when Windows will prompt you for permission or an administrator password before you can add a new user.

I do not want to share my data     Select this option to stop sharing your Business Contact Manager data with other users.

I want to share my data     Select this option to allow other users to share your Business Contact Manager data.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home

    You cannot share your database with other users.

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista

    If you are running these versions, select with users working on other computers in my network.

Important: When you share a database, you share all the information in this database with everyone who has access to it. If you have set up E-mail Auto-linking, all existing and future communication history items linked with your Accounts and Business Contacts are available to all users who share the database. If you want to continue to link your e-mail with records in the database, you may want to remove any existing communication history items that you do not want to share.

Note: This is part of the process of allowing other users to share the Business Contact Manager database that you own. To share your database, on the Business Contact Manager menu, point to Database Tools, click Share Database, and then complete the wizard.

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