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To change your profile picture, tap More More button and then tap your picture. From there, tap Edit (iOS) or Edit image (Android) to take or access your photo.

On Windows phone, head over to the desktop or web app to upload your favorite selfie. Click your profile picture, and select Change picture.

When you favorite a team or channel, it stays visible in your team list. When you follow a channel, you receive notices in your activity feed for all new activity in the channel.

  • To favorite a team, go to the bottom of your teams list and tap See all teams (iOS) or All teams (Android and Windows Phone). Then tap Favorite Select to favorite an item next to the team you want to favorite. Tap the team name to favorite or unfavorite team channels.

  • To follow a channel on iOS and Android, tap Follow channel Follow channel button in the header for the channel. On Windows Phone, tap Teams. Then go to the team and tap All channels.

Go to the desktop or web app to reorder your teams. From there you can drag and drop your teams to reorder them. Any changes you make will be reflected on your mobile device. Under General, channels are fixed in alphabetical order. For more information, see Teams and channels.

Status and availability

To change your status on iOS and Android, tap More More button . Then, tap your status to view your options.

On iOS and Android, you'll see a green circle and a check mark next to the profile picture of the people who are online. To see who, out of everyone on a team, is online right now, tap More options Select to see more options (iOS) or More options button (Android) next to the team name and select View members. Everyone who's online right now will have the green circle and a check mark next to their picture.

Managing notifications

To change your notification settings for iOS and Android, tap More More button > Settings > Notifications.

To change your notification settings for Windows Phone, tap the More button (at the bottom of the screen) and choose Notifications.

You can choose to always send notifications, or only when you're not active on the desktop app.

You can be notified (or not) for events such as chats, mentions, replies, and likes.

Notifications for the activity in the channels you follow appear in your activity feed.


For information on accessibility support on iOS and Android, follow this link: Accessibility support for Microsoft Teams. Accessibility help topics for Windows Phone are on their way.

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