Set up a new class in Microsoft Classroom

Creating a new class in Classroom is automatic for schools and districts that use School Data Sync, which is included in Office 365. Classes, teachers, and students are automatically created and enrolled using the class roster information in the school's information system (SIS).

For schools not using School Data Sync, teachers can create and manage classes manually. There are 4 steps:

  1. Create the new class

  2. Add students and co-teachers

  3. Customize the class (optional)

  4. Activate the class

Create a new class

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Classroom as a teacher.

  2. Select + New Class, then enter a name for the class that will be unique in your school.

  3. Select Done. The class will be created in the list of inactive classes.

Add students and teachers to a class

  1. Sign in to Microsoft Classroom as a teacher.

  2. Select the class you want to add people to.

  3. Select Manage. Under Students, click the link beside Enrolled.

  4. Select + Add student or + Add teacher, then fill in the person’s name or school email address.

  5. Select Done.

Customize the class

To customize the class, expand Inactive Classes, select the class you created, then select Manage. From the Manage screen you can:

  • Type a description of the class

  • Enter or change the class info

  • Choose a color, icon, and cover photo for the class

Activate the class

Students can't see a class or any assignments added to it until the class is activated. Activating the class makes assignments visible for all students.

  1. Sign in as a teacher to Microsoft Classroom at

  2. In the section marked Inactive classes, choose the class you want to activate.

  3. Select Manage, then select Activate Class.

To deactivate a class, open that class, then select Manage. Select Deactivate class to move the class to the inactive class list, which will hide any assignments from students. Assignments are preserved, and will be visible to students again when the class is reactivated.

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