Sending and receiving instant messages

Sending and receiving instant messages are among the most common tasks performed in Office Communications Server Attendant. The procedures are similar for making and receiving calls. See Making and Receiving Calls.

Send an instant message

To send an instant message to someone in your Contact List, do the following:

  1. Click the IM bubble icon next to their name.

  2. Type your message.

  3. Press ENTER.

You can search for a contact by typing their name in the Search box. As you type, matching names appear in the Results list.

If the person you want to contact is Offline or otherwise unable to receive an instant message, clicking the IM bubble icon will prompt you to send an e-mail message instead.

Note: By default, when you double-click a name in your Contact List, a phone call is placed to that person. You can change the default so that double-clicking sends an instant message instead. In the toolbar, click the Options icon, click Options, and then click the Actions and Alerts tab. In the drop-down list next to When I double-click a contact, do the following, select Send an instant message.

Answer an instant message

When someone sends you an instant message, an alert appears in the left side of your main window.

  • To accept the IM, just double-click anywhere on the alert. In the Conversation window, type your response in the message area, and then press ENTER.

  • To decline the IM, right-click on the alert, and then click Close. The IM sender receives the message: This message was not delivered because there was no response from the server.

During an IM conversation

Once you have accepted the IM alert, your conversation appears in the Active area. Using the IM controls, you can escalate to a phone call or invite someone else to the conversation.

Start an IM conference

An IM conference is simply an instant messaging session that includes three or more participants.

  1. In the Contact List, select the people you want to conference with using ONE of the following methods:

    • CTRL+Click each name you want to conference with, right-click one of them, and then click Send an Instant Message.

    • SHIFT+Click on contiguous names, right-click one of them, and then click Send an Instant Message.

    • Drag each name (individually or collectively) into the Active area. This causes the IM Conversation window to appear.

    • In the Group List, right-click a group name, and then click Send an Instant Message.

  2. Type a message in the IM Conversation window.

  3. Press ENTER.

Each contact in the Conversation window receives an invitation to the IM conference. If a contact accepts, an IM bubble is displayed next to their name in the Conference window. If they decline, no IM bubble is displayed.

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