Seen Counts in Yammer

Seen counts allow a user to see how many people have viewed their conversations. These counts appear on the lower right corner of the original post.

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What seen counts mean

Seen counts represent the number of unique users who have seen the conversation and will only show if there is at least one person who has seen the conversation. A person is counted as having seen a conversation if the first message appears on their screen, and they scroll to the bottom of it. The person who started the conversation is excluded from the counts.

How to view seen counts in Yammer

  1. In a browser, go to and navigate to a conversation that you started.

  2. If the conversation was seen by at least one person, a count appears at the bottom-right corner of the message. 

Who can view seen counts in Yammer?

Only the original creator will be able to see the counts for the conversation. Additionally, these counts are shown on conversations that take place in Public and Private groups. They will not show in private messages.

We are currently testing a new feature that will show the conversation counts to anyone who has access to the thread, not just the original creator.


Q: Why do older conversations not show seen counts? 

A: The counts are only provided for conversations that were started after December 22, 2017. Any conversations started previously are ineligible for seen counts. 

Q: Would seen counts show on Announcements, Polls and Praises? 

A: Yes.

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