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Yammer is a private social network that helps you get connected to the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects. Only your coworkers can join, so your communications on Yammer are secure and visible only to people within your organization

Sign in with your Office 365 username and password, or create an account using your corporate email address.

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Now, let’s get started

Want a guided tour? Watch this Yammer 101 video.

For some quick tips, take a look at the following table. If you’re looking for more detail, see Work like a network with Yammer.


How it works…

Look for…

Join a group

Groups are a great way to get work done with a team or to stay informed about a topic. The All Company Group is the default group everyone posts into—you’re automatically part of this group. You can join any public group, but will need to be invited to a private group. When you create a new group you can choose to make it public or private. Click the Groups link to find groups you want to join or to create a new group.

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Follow someone

When you follow someone on Yammer it means you want to see messages from them in your feed. You can search for people by name using the search box, or you can scroll through the All Company feed and follow someone that’s posting about things that interest you.

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Reply to a conversation

Replying to messages is a core part of what makes Yammer useful. When you reply to a message, Yammer starts a thread. That makes it easier to keep track of what everyone is saying. To reply to a message, click Reply under the message and a reply box will appear.

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Like someone’s message

When you Like a message, the person who posted the message will receive a notification that you Liked it. Use Likes to indicate agreement with an idea, acknowledgement that you’ve seen a message, or just to let someone know you like what they’re saying.

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Check your Inbox

Your Inbox is a single place for you to view, prioritize, and manage all of the conversations that are most relevant to you on Yammer. Your Inbox contains the messages that you are following. That includes private messages, announcements, and conversations you have participated in or have been @mentioned in. You can also choose to follow any conversation you wish by selecting More and choosing Follow in Inbox.

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Join the conversation

The feed is your information hub. There are three feed views that you can toggle between:

  • Discovery    This is a feed of the conversations most relevant to you, based on what you subscribe to and your interactions with Yammer network content.

  • All    These are all the conversations to which you have access within your company network.

  • Following    These are the conversations you actively subscribe to, including conversations that your followers have participated in or liked and conversations that have been tagged with a topic you follow.


To view your groups' conversations, use the left navigation and go directly to the group to see new conversations in your groups in the 'New' tab. When you're all caught up, click the group-to-group transition link at the bottom of your feed to go to your next groups' new conversations.

Group-to-group transition

Were you using the SharePoint Newsfeed?

Don’t panic. The Newsfeed hasn’t disappeared. Your organization just replaced the Newsfeed with a link to Yammer. You can still access Newsfeed from the Sites page, and you can continue to follow SharePoint sites, documents and tags there. However, you can no longer send a message to everyone. For All Company messages, use Yammer.

If you were following people in SharePoint, those contacts are not automatically set up in Yammer. We’re working on a way to migrate that information over to Yammer, but we don’t have a solution available just yet.

Screenshot of Sites page with Newsfeed link highlighted

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