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Saving a workspace as an archive

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You can save a Groove workspace as a compressed archive file (.gsa) and later open the archived workspace as a new Groove workspace.

Note: You cannot save a SharePoint workspace as an archive.

Saving a Groove workspace as an archive preserves:

  • The collection of tools and custom tool names.

  • The workspace name.

  • The contents in all tools.

  • The list of members in the workspace.

    Note:  When you restore the workspace from the archive, all members (other than the member restoring the workspace) appear as "suspended". You can subsequently re-invite the suspended members.

Note:  You cannot save a shared folder as an archive.

To save a workspace as an archive, do the following:

  1. On the File tab, click Save & Send, and then click Workspace as Archive.

  2. Select a path and filename in the Save As dialog box or accept the default location, and click Save.

    Tip: If you accept the default location (the Groove Workspace Archives folder in My Documents), the archived workspace file will display in the file list when you create a new workspace from an archive.

  3. Optional but recommended: Set a password to protect the archive content.

  4. Click OK.

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