Save your audio clip or video as a separate file

If you have an audio or video clip in a PowerPoint presentation that you want to use outside of PowerPoint, you can do so by saving the clip as a separate media file (.mp4 or .m4a).

  1. Right-click the audio icon or video frame, and click Save Media as.

    Tip:   Ensure your disk has enough space to save the media file, otherwise you'll have to free up space and try again.

  2. In the Save Media as box, choose a folder, and in the File name box, type a name.

  3. Select Save.

If you're using PowerPoint 2013

If you're using PowerPoint 2013, make sure you have the necessary updates to it installed so that you can save a media file.

Check the following:

Once you have installed the correct updates, you can save the media file.

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