Review an assignment with point values in Microsoft Teams

Use Review in the Assignments tab to review assignments your students have turned in. Each assignment's analytics dashboard displays a counter that lets you check student engagement at a glance, including data on how many students have viewed and turned in an assignment so far.

View student work in a list view or select a student's document to open it and review in full-screen mode. Scores and feedback you assign are saved automatically, but won’t be released to your students until you post scores.

  1. Navigate to the General channel under the desired classroom, then select Assignments.

    Select the Assignments tab in the General channel.
  2. Navigate to the assignment you'd like to review and select it. You can also use your search bar to search for an assignment by keyword.

    Tip: Select the Expansion icon (diagonal, double sided arrow) to enter full-screen mode.

    Select Review to review assignments.
  3. Select Review.

    View details on what your students have turned in.
  4. View details on what your students have turned in:

    • Analytics dashboard—Displays a counter of how many students in your class have viewed and turned in the assignment so far. Includes the number of assignments you have left to review. Select Viewed, Turned in, or To review to sort assignments by those attributes.

      The analytics dashboard displays a counter of how many students have viewed work, turned it in, and how many assignments you have left to review.

    • Student work—Any documents you specified to be turned in are attached here. Select a document to view it in full-screen mode.

    • Date turned in—The time and date stamp for when a student turned in work. If their work is late, you’ll see a Late notification. Students who have not turned in work will show as Not turned in.

  5. Select the icon in the Feedback column to add any comments for a student.

  6. If you have given this assignment a point or decimal value, enter the student's score in the Points column. Points exceeding the base value will add extra credit.

  7. When you’ve finished adding feedback and/or points, select Post.

    • This will notify each student that the assignment has been reviewed and allow them to see their feedback and scores.

    • Selecting Post will update only changes that you have entered. If no points are entered, nothing will be posted for that student.

    • After scores have been posted for a student, a green checkmark will display to the right of the Points column.

    • Select Export to Excel to export student names and scores as a .csv file. Select from General > Assignments > Review to export data for the whole class or from General > Assignments > individual assignment > Review to export data for a single assignment.

Note: To view each student's documents in a full-screen view, select the document your student has turned in.

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