Recording a Session

During a session you can enable recording and save the recording to your Live Meeting service conference center. A recorded session includes everything shown during the session including content added during the session. Session recordings are saved in the Microsoft Windows Media Player format (.wma) and are stored on your conference center.

To record a session

  1. From the Easy Assist client, click the Tools menu, and click Recording, Start.

  2. Click OK on the Session is being recorded dialog box.

To stop, pause, or save a recording

  1. From the Tools menu, click, Recording, Pause or Stop.

  2. If you clicked Stop to save the recording, in the Stop Recording dialog box, click Save Recording.

After you save a recording, it will be available within approximately 24 hours, depending on the content and duration of the recording.

To view a recording that is saved to your conference center

  1. Log on to Live Meeting Manager.

  2. On the My Home page, under View, click Recordings.

  3. Under View recording, in the ID and Recording Key boxes, enter the recording ID and the recording key, respectively. By default, the recording key is the same as the session key. If the meeting did not require a session key, then by default, no recording key is required.

Note: The session organizer can change the recording key. In that case, you should receive a recording invitation from the session organizer regarding the change. If you are in a session where admission is controlled by using an access control list (ACL), you can log on to Live Meeting Manager and directly view the recording. If you receive an invitation by e-mail to view a recording, to view the recording, click the View Recording link in the invitation.

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