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Plan and connect

Plan and connect in Microsoft To Do

Use My Day and suggestions to plan each day and focus on accomplishing your most important tasks. Connect Microsoft To Do with Outlook and manage your flagged email and Outlook Tasks anywhere, even on mobile.

Add tasks to My Day

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With My Day and suggestions, it's easier than ever to focus on your most important tasks. When you first open To Do each day, you'll see a fresh My Day. Here, you can enter the tasks you’d like to focus on for the day. After using Microsoft To Do for at least one day, you’ll also be able to add tasks from suggestions.

To plan your day using suggestions:

  1. Select the lightbulb in the top right.

  2. Review the most important suggested tasks, and select + to add them to My Day.

    You can also enter new to-dos directly in to My Day.

All of the tasks entered in My Day will also be saved in your Tasks list. Anything you aren't able to complete today will be saved and suggested to you tomorrow.

Connect with Outlook

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To view your Outlook Tasks and manage your flagged email directly in Microsoft To Do, sign in with the same personal, work, or school account that you use for email.  

All tasks are stored on Exchange Online services, so they'll appear in both Microsoft To Do and Outlook automatically.

To enable the Flagged Email list select the option to Show List.

Option to enable Flagged Email by selecting Show list or Not now

Alternatively, you can also turn the list on in Settings. 

Flagged email connection toggled to on in To Do settings

Once enabled, your flagged email will appear as tasks in Microsoft To Do. The task's name will be the subject of the flagged message and will include a preview of the email's text in its detail view. To open the original email select the option to Open in Outlook from detail view. Items in the Flagged Email list can be renamed, assigned due dates and reminders, added to My Day, and marked as Important. 

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