Office 365 admin overview

Contributors: Diane Faigel
Last updated 28 November, 2017

When you buy an Office 365 business plan, we give you a special Office 365 account that has admin permissions. This account is called an admin account.

With this account you can access the Office 365 admin center to manage your business: add users, manage your subscription, reset passwords, and more. Try it!

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Who has admin permissions in my business?

When looking for your admin to reset your password, delete an account, or do other tasks, here's who you should contact:

  • Universities and schools: Contact your technical support team. Usually you can find a link on your university site. At smaller schools, there may be just a couple technical people who have admin permissions.

  • Large businesses: Contact your internal help desk / technical support.

  • Small businesses: Contact the business owner / co-owner. Often they give admin permissions to their IT consultant who does all the computer maintenance work for their business.

By default, the person who signs up for and buys an Office 365 for business subscription gets admin permissions. That person can assign admin permissions to other people to help them manage Office 365 for their organization.

If you have no idea who to contact at your work or school for help, try asking the person who gave you your Office 365 user account and password.

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