My task's total costs are incorrect


After entering cost rates and fixed costs for resources, the total costs appear to be incorrect.


The expected amount of a task's total cost may seem to differ from the calculated sum of its rate-based costs, per-use costs, and fixed costs. Total costs are the sum of rate-based costs, per-use costs, and fixed costs.

Note that costs are calculated only after resources are assigned to tasks.


  • Check the assignment total costs and the task's total costs by using the Task Usage view with the Cost table applied. Look for any per-use costs or fixed costs that may have been overlooked.

  • Verify total costs at the task-level. Fixed costs do not roll up to the Fixed Cost field at the summary task-level.

  • Verify that all resources with cost information are assigned to tasks.

  • Verify that you have applied the correct cost rate table to the resource assignment.

    1. On the View menu, click Task Usage to view tasks grouped with their resource assignments.

    2. Click the assignment you want to check by clicking the resource who is assigned to the task that you want to verify.

    3. Click Assignment Information Button image .

    4. In the Cost rate table list, verify that you are using the correct cost rate table. If this is not the correct table, click the cost-rate table that is correct.

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