Monitor security and compliance in Office 365

Along with your users, data is the lifeblood of your organization. As a result, it’s critical to lay the groundwork to:

After taking these steps, be sure to regularly monitor your data’s health, compliance, and security and, if needed, take action.

Set up and monitor alerts

Use alert policies in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center to track user and admin activities, malware threats, data loss incidents, and more.

Note: Alert policies are included in Office 365 Enterprise E5.

Monitor reports

Head over to the Reports dashboard in the Security & Compliance Center for up-to-date reports related to the security and compliance features in your organization (you can even pin your favorite ones to the Home page). Or use Azure AD reports to stay informed on unusual or suspicious sign-in activity.

Research and respond to threats

The Threat Intelligence tools in the Security & Compliance Center help you to research threats against your organization, respond to malware, phishing, and other attacks that Office 365 detected on your behalf, and search for threat indicators you might have received from user reports, the security community, or in the news or other intelligence sources.

Note: Threat Intelligence is included in Office 365 Enterprise E5.

Monitor and manage quarantined messages

After setting up policies to filter and quarantine your organization’s email messages, monitor the Quarantine page in the Security & Compliance Center so you can view, release, delete, and report false positive quarantined messages.

Check recommendations

Keep an eye on the Recommended for you section on the Home page of the Security & Compliance Center for quick steps to take based on a scan of your organization’s current configuration.

Use Office 365 Cloud App Security

Office 365 Cloud App Security gives you insight into suspicious activity in Office 365 so you can investigate situations that are potentially problematic and, if needed, take action to address security issues.

Note: Office 365 Cloud App Security is included in Office 365 Enterprise E5 or available as an add-in for other Office 365 Enterprise subscriptions.

Check your Office 365 Secure Score

The Office 365 Secure Score analyzes your organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Check your score regularly and improve it by reviewing the action queue to see what you need to do to help increase security and reduce risks.

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