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Take advantage of a digital notebook and easily make more room on your page when you want an uncluttered view without commands, buttons, and tabs. Sometimes you need extra space to brainstorm without distraction or just to spread out and focus on capturing notes.

An introduction to maximizing pages

Make more room for note-taking


Do this

Or press


Toggle the ribbon

Right-click any ribbon tab, select Collapse the Ribbon, and then click any ribbon tab to expand or collapse the ribbon.


Toggling the ribbon

Toggle full screen

At the top of the page, click Full Page View.


Toggling full screen

Zoom in and out

On the ribbon, click View > Zoom Out or View > Zoom In.

(Use the numeric keypad for + -)

Zooming in and out

Zoom to 100%

On the ribbon, click View > 100%

Zooming to 100 percent

Zoom to maximum page width

On the ribbon, click View > Page Width.

Zooming to page width

Try it!

  1. Zoom in and out by using the ribbon and the keyboard.

  2. Zoom back to 100%.

  3. Expand and collapse the ribbon several times and decide which setting works best for you.

  4. Toggle full screen and zoom to maximum page width. What is the difference? Which do you prefer?

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