Link selected fields dynamically between Project plans

  1. In Microsoft Office Project, open the project that contains the source field that you want to link, and then select that field.

  2. Click Copy Cell Button image .

    Note: This command changes to Copy Task if you select an entire task or a set of tasks in a task view, or to Copy Resource if you select a resource row or a set of resources in a resource view.

  3. Open the project into which you want to insert the information.

  4. On the View menu, click the sheet view that you want.

    To use a view that is not on the View menu, click More Views, click the view that you want to use in the Views list, and then click Apply.

  5. Select the location where you want to paste the information.

    When pasting a text object into a sheet view, select the field where the upper-left corner of the information should be pasted. Make sure that there are enough blank fields available to accommodate the object without overwriting existing fields.

  6. On the Edit menu, click Paste Special, and then click Paste Link.

    Whenever you change the linked information in the source field, Project automatically updates it in the destination field.

Note: Although you may be able to paste information into some calculated fields, Project might not either use the information or recalculate the value, because the field might also be recalculated based upon information in other fields.

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