Let Microsoft StaffHub provision accounts for firstline workers

Important: Effective December 31, 2019, Microsoft StaffHub will be retired. We're building StaffHub capabilities, including schedule and task management, into Microsoft Teams. To learn more, read Microsoft StaffHub to be retired.

Last updated 4 October, 2019

Microsoft StaffHub has the ability to create new Office 365 accounts for firstline workers who don't already have an identity in your organization. This lets you scale a large number of firstline workers without a lot of overhead.

For each account it creates, Microsoft StaffHub does the following:

  • Assigns an ID in the form of FirstName.LastName@<domain>.com. If there's a conflict with an existing ID, a number is appended to the end of the alias.

  • Adds the account to the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group. This will let you easily keep track of all self-provisioned accounts, and generate reports if needed.

  • Creates the account in the Azure Active Directory for your organization.

  • StaffHub does not automatically assign licenses to firstline workers when it provisions accounts for them. This is because by default StaffHub does not enforcing licensing. However, you might want to enforce licensing as a way to control who has access to StaffHub; see the steps below.

Firstline workers can create their account by using the Microsoft StaffHub mobile application. When they launch the app and click "Need an account?" they will create the new ID in your organization.

Grant StaffHub access to create accounts

You need Office 365 global admin permissions and an Office 365 Enterprise license to do these steps.

  1. Sign in to Microsoft StaffHub with your Office 365 global admin account at https://staffhub.office.com/admin.

  2. Toggle "Self Provision Accounts" to On.

    Self-Provision Accounts toggle switch, which enables StaffHub to create Office 365 accounts

  3. Under Enable StaffHub, choose Apply License Checking to verify the license of a user when they sign in to StaffHub. Choosing this setting does not assign licenses to users.

    WARNING: If you choose this setting, make sure all your users have licenses. Otherwise, they'll get an error message when they try to sign in to StaffHub.

    To assign licenses to everyone who is a member of the StaffHubProvisionedUsers security group, use group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory. This Azure feature makes it easy to manage licensing at a large-scale!

  4. Choose the domain that your firstline worker accounts will be created in. All domains associated with your directory will be available for you to pick from.

    Drop-down list for selecting the domain for deskless workers.

    After you make your changes the page will automatically save your settings. You can sign out.

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