Learn how to use the Stock Analysis template with Excel 2016

With Excel 2016, you can use the Stock Analysis template to quickly analyze and compare the performance of selected stocks over time. The template lets you select up to three stocks to compare, then displays their performance over a period of time in an Excel chart. With the Stock Analysis template you control the stocks to compare, and the time period for comparison.

Using the Stock Analysis Template

To use the Stock Analysis template, you need Excel 2016 or later or a subscription to Office 365.

Open the Stock Analysis template

To open the Stock Analysis template, in Excel select New > Stock Analysis.

If you can't see the template, use the search box and type stock analysis, and then select the magnifying glass button to begin the search (or click the Enter key). The Stock Analysis template appears.

Once the template is open, you see the first workbook tab, titled Start. Select the Let’s Get Started button to begin.

Get started with the Stock Analysis template

Using the Stock Analysis Template

The Stock Analysis worksheet is presented, showing two stocks in the chart, which are provided in the template to get you started. These are two renewable energy companies – Canadian Solar Inc (CSIQ) and SolarCity Corp (SCTY). In the next few steps, you learn how to change the stocks that are displayed.

Main stock analysis worksheet

Select Add to add a new stock to compare. When you do so, the third box is populated with a Renewable Energy Group (REGI) symbol.

Add a stock

Select the Refresh button in the second box on the left. You're prompted with the Privacy Levels security dialog. In this template, you’re combining data from the local workbook with stock data downloaded from the Web, which is why the Privacy Levels security dialog notification appears. Choose Public from the drop-down box for both data sources, then select Save.

Privacy levels

The template loads the latest stock information from the Yahoo Finance portal. A chart line is added to the Excel chart, displaying historical data for the REGI stock symbol.

Added stock line to the chart

You can adjust the comparison period using the Date timeline slicer, found at the bottom of the worksheet. You can add more years to the comparison, narrow the analysis to the specific quarters, month or even days, all using this slicer’s drop-down selection, as shown in the following image.

Time period slicer

Customizing the Stock Analysis Template with your own Stocks

Now that you know how to use the Stock Analysis template, replacing any of the three default stock symbols is easy. Simply enter a valid stock symbol into each of the three stock symbol boxes, then select the Refresh button from the left side of the workbook. The template connect to the Web, downloads the data, and refreshes the chart based on your selections.

customize which stocks are shown

Resetting the Stock Analysis Template

Want to get the template back to how it was when you first opened it? No problem, just press Ctrl + Q to reset your workbook to its initial state.

Learn More

To learn more about the tools and the technologies used in this template, explore the links in the template’s Learn More worksheet.

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