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In a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site, you can choose from several types of libraries, depending on the types of files that you want to store and how you plan to use them.

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Libraries available in Office SharePoint Server 2007


A library is a location on a site where you can create, collect, update, and manage files with team members. Each library displays a list of files and key information about the files, which helps people to use the files to work together.

You can customize libraries in several ways. You can control how documents are viewed, tracked, managed, and created. You can track versions, including how many and which type of versions, and you can limit who can see documents before they are approved. You can use workflows to collaborate on documents in libraries. You can specify information management policies to manage the handling and expiration of documents within libraries.

You can choose from several types of libraries, depending on the types of files that you want to store and how you plan to use them.

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Libraries available in Office SharePoint Server 2007

  • Document library     For many file types, including documents and spreadsheets, use a document library. You can store other kinds of files in a document library, although some file types are blocked for security reasons. When you work with programs that are compatible with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, you can create those files from the library. For example, your marketing team may have its own library for planning materials, news releases, and publications.

  • Picture library     To share a collection of digital pictures or graphics, use a picture library. Although pictures can be stored in other types of SharePoint libraries, picture libraries have several advantages. For example, from a picture library you can view pictures in a slide show, download pictures to your computer, and edit pictures with graphics programs that are compatible with Office SharePoint Server 2007. Consider creating a picture library if your team reuses many graphics, such as logos and corporate images, or if you want to store pictures of team events or product launches.

  • Wiki page library To create a collection of connected wiki pages, use a wiki page library. A wiki enables multiple people to gather routine information in a format that is easy to create and modify. You can add to your library wiki pages that contain pictures, tables, hyperlinks, and internal links. For example, if your team creates a wiki site for a project, the site can store tips and tricks in a series of pages that connect to each other.

  • Form library     If you need to manage a group of XML-based business forms, use a form library. For example, your organization may want to use a form library for expense reports. Setting up a form library requires an XML editor or XML design program that is compatible with Office SharePoint Server 2007, such as Microsoft Office InfoPath.

  • Reports Library     The Reports Library helps organizations create, manage, and share information contained in business data Web Parts, key performance indicator (KPI) Web Parts, and Excel Web Access Web Parts used for business intelligence analytics. The Records Center site template has a Reports Library by default, but anyone who can create document libraries within a site collection can create a report library. The Reports Library includes a version history for each report, and archives previous versions. Users can create new versions of reports for special events or milestones, and later revert to a previous report.

  • Translation Management Library     The Translation Management Library helps organizations create, store, and manage translated documents by providing both views and specific features that facilitate the manual document translation process. The Translation Management Library is designed specifically to store documents and their translations. The library tracks the relationship between a source document and its translations, and it groups all of these documents together to make them easy to find. Additionally, the library can be configured with a special Translation Management workflow that is designed to help manage the manual document translation process.

  • Data Connection Library     A Data Connection Library is a new SharePoint document library in which organizations can centrally publish connection files to make it easy for users to find and use the data sources they need. Data connection files are easy to create and update, and solution designers can easily reuse them from within the 2007 Microsoft Office system client applications.

  • Slide Library     Slide Libraries allow Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 users to share individual slides from a presentation, reuse slides, track the history of a slide, compile individual slides into a presentation, and receive notifications when a slide in a presentation has changed. Users can publish slides to a Slide Library from Office PowerPoint 2007.

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