Insert or remove a page break in a project plan

Microsoft Office Project 2007 inserts page breaks automatically when you print, but you can also insert manual page breaks to keep certain information, such as a summary task and its subtasks, together on the same page.

Manual page breaks are marked with a dotted line for easy identification.

Insert a page break

  1. Select the task or resource you want to appear at the top of a new page.

    Note: You cannot insert a page break in a blank row.

  2. On the Insert menu, click Page Break.

Tip: If the views you want to print are not breaking correctly even after you insert manual page breaks, click Print on the File menu and then select the Manual page breaks check box.


  • Manual page break settings are saved with your project file.

  • You cannot insert a page break directly into a report. However, page breaks inserted in a view appear in reports that contain the same kind of information as that view. For example, if you select a task and then insert a page break in the Task Sheet view, the page break occurs before that task in a task report.

  • When you filter or sort information in a view or report, each page break remains with the task or resource selected when you inserted the page break. For example, if a task is not displayed when you apply a filter, the page break associated with that task does not appear in the view or report.

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Remove a page break

You can only remove page breaks that are manually inserted in a view. You cannot remove page breaks that are automatically inserted by Microsoft Office Project.

  1. In the Task Name or Resource Name field, select the task or resource below the page break.

  2. On the Insert menu, click Remove Page Break.

Note: All manually inserted page breaks can be removed at once. Select all the tasks in your view by clicking any column heading, and then click Remove All Page Breaks on the Insert menu.

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