Import Product and Service Items wizard in Business Contact Manager

You can use this wizard to import product and service items from your accounting system or other applications.

Select the file to import      Type the path to the file that you want to import, or click Browse to locate the file.

Options      Select one of the following:

  • Add the items in this file to existing list      Select this option to add product and service items to the existing item list.

  • Replace existing list with items in this file     Select this option to replace the existing item list with the list you are importing.

Format your list of product and service items

To import a list of product and service items, the information must be in a comma separated values (.csv) text file. Each item that you import must contain these three fields: Item Name, Item Description, and Item Price. Create a separate line in the file for each item you are importing, separated by commas, or the list separator found in Control Panel, in the Regional and Language Options dialog box, on the Regional Options tab, with no spaces before or after the commas. This syntax is shown in the following example.

<Item Name 1>,<Description 1>,<Unit Price 1>

<Item Name 2>,<Description 2>,<Unit Price 2>

You may also add an optional fourth field for the Item Quantity, and any values in that field will also be imported.

<Item Name 1>,<Description 1>,<Unit Price 1>,<Default Quantity 1>

<Item Name 2>,<Description 2>,<Unit Price 2>,<Default Quantity 2>

The product prices and quantities cannot include currency symbols or internal punctuation, such as periods or commas. However, you can use periods or commas (depending on your locale settings) for currency. For example:

  • Instead of typing 10,000, type 10000.

  • Instead of typing 10.000, type 10000.

  • But you can type 10.50 when you are referring to a price of ten dollars and fifty cents.

Tip: To edit your locale settings, in Control Panel, double-click Regional and Language Options, and then, on the Regional Options tab, under Standards and formats, click the locale whose currency format you want to use.

Note:  To access this wizard, on the Business Contact Manager menu, click Product and Service Items List. In the Products and Services dialog box, click Import.

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