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I get an MStore.mgc is corrupt error message

The file MStore.mgc is the file where Microsoft Clip Organizer stores clip property information about clips you import. Clip properties include information such as keywords, categories, and thumbnail previews. If you get the message that this file is corrupted beyond repair, Clip Organizer can no longer access this information.

You can try compacting the main catalog to fix this problem. On the Tools menu, click Compact.

If compacting doesn't work, you may need to create a new main catalog. You will need to delete or rename the Mstore.mgc file to allow Clip Organizer to create a new one.

Delete or rename Mstore.mgc

Close Clip Organizer and then on the Start menu, click Search. Click All files and folders and then enter Mstore.mgc in the All or part of the file name box. After the file is found, right-click it and then click Delete or Rename.

When you create a new file, you will lose all user-added clip property information. Once a new version of this file is created, you can add the clips you had previously imported, and re-enter the clip property information for those clips.

Note: If your computer is set up to be used by more than one person or has more than one profile, be careful to delete only the copy of this file that is in a folder or path with your account name (login ID) on it. If you are on a network, ask for help from your network administrator if you do not understand how to find the correct file.

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