Granting synchronization control in a SharePoint Files tool

If you are the current synchronizer in a SharePoint Files tool, other workspace members might send you a request to become the synchronizer.

You might receive this request for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, you should transfer synchronization control only when you will be unable to initiate or manage the schedule for synchronization for an extended period of time. In some circumstances, you might need to ask another workspace member to send you a request for synchronization control.

Note the following details about transferring synchronization control:

  • It can only be transferred via the request of another workspace member. That is, the current synchronizer cannot initiate transferring synchronization control without receiving a request.

  • It should be transferred only to a workspace member who has access to the associated document library on a selected SharePoint site, and who also has the required permissions for sending and receiving updates on the SharePoint site.

Note:  For emergency situations, workspace managers can take over as synchronizer without making a request.

A request for synchronization control displays in the Windows notification area:

Request for synchronization control

When you open the notifier, the Synchronization Control Request dialog box provides options for accepting the request now or later, and an option for denying the request. It also tells you if there are any files checked out to you. If this is the case, it is strongly recommended that you defer accepting the request by clicking Accept Later. Once you take care of checking in any files, you can proceed to accept the request. If you click Accept Later, the dialog box closes but the synchronization request notifier stays in your taskbar. You can re-open it and select another option at any time.

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