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You must have a subscription for Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business. Once you get the subscription, you can give other users access to the Business center in the Office 365 Admin portal. If you have the subscription but don't see Business center or the apps, please request permission from your admin.

United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

Not yet. We're working on that functionality and it'll be coming soon.

Bookings FAQs

Read this section for Bookings FAQs.

Not yet. Each appointment can only be booked with one customer. Appointments created in Bookings also appear on your Outlook calendar, and you can then forward to additional participants.

Bookings was designed for a team sharing a calendar, so event details aren't visible for team members privacy. You can still see availability, but not the details. If you want to review the details of any appointments which weren't created in Bookings, you can see them in Outlook.

Not yet. But you can use Bookings to send email reminders to customers and staff.

Not yet. But you can add a Skype link after you create the Bookings appointment. Any appointment created in Bookings will also appear in your Outlook calendar. You can add a Skype link to that meeting in Outlook, and then send the updated meeting to the customer.

Listings FAQs

Read this section for Listings FAQs.

Google places, Bing places, and Yelp all require you to list and publish your physical address. If you want to have an online presence but not list your home address, Facebook company pages are a great solution. After you create a company page, you can hide the business address on your page if you're the admin of the page.

Publishing a Facebook page or Google place listing never shares your personal information. If you are concerned with your personal profile being shown, you can go to your Facebook page and hide yourself as an admin to visitors of your page.

Your Bing postcard normally takes about 1-2 weeks to arrive and it will look like. If you've been verified on Google, and connected to it in Listings that will help your business get verified without a potscard.

We're working on it, and we'll share out updates as they become available.

Connections FAQs

Read this section for Connections FAQs.

You can send 2,500 emails per week.

You can delete draft campaigns, but once you send an email campaign, you can't delete it. This is so businesses have a complete record of communications to their customers.

Mailing lists are a great way to group contacts so you can cater your messages to different audiences. You can create mailing lists by choosing See mailing lists at the bottom of the Mailing list tile on the Connections home page. In March 2018, we expect to update the sign-up page, and you’ll be able to individuals to choose which mailing lists they’d like to subscribe to while they’re signing up.

You get a sign-up page automatically – you don’t need to do anything to set it up. You can view your sign-up page by going to the mailing lists page and finding the View your sign-up page link in the Recommendations tile at the top right.

Not yet.

Not yet.

Outlook Customer Manager

Read this section for Outlook Customer Manager FAQs.

Try closing and reopening Outlook.

Outlook Customer Manager should up within 12 hours of buying Office 365 for business.

Yes, contacts from Outlook Customer Manager sync with contacts from Business center.


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