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FAQ about voice

This article contains some frequently asked questions about using voice.

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Where is the Lync Online dial pad?

What is a Lync call?

Where is the Lync Online dial pad?

Sometimes you need the dial pad when using voice mail systems or making conference calls, you might be asked to either enter a PIN or make a selection by entering a number. To enter a PIN or respond to automated voice systems, you can enter numbers from your phone dial pad or from the on-screen dial pad in Lync Online.

The Lync dial pad is available in a conversation window, when you click the dial pad button.

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What is a Lync call?

A Lync call is a call made from your computer (using Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP) to a contact who is also running Lync. Lync calls work as follows:

  • A Lync call placed to a contact who is enabled for unified communication (UC), rings all that contact’s devices that are enabled for Lync, such as his or her desktop computer, laptop computer, and USB audio device. UC-enabled users can place Lync calls to federated contacts to bypass the public switched telephone network (PSTN), which is the standard analog telephone line, and make VoIP-only calls.

Lync calls require the recipient to be able to accept the VoIP call.

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