Dark mode in Outlook.com

Dark mode changes the default bright background color in Outlook.com to a darker color, which is easier on the eyes in low-light environments or if you prefer less bright interfaces.

Note: Dark mode is only available in the new Outlook.com experience.

How do I turn on dark mode?

  1. At the top of the page, select Settings Settings .

  2. Select the toggle next to Dark mode.

Does dark mode support themes?

Currently, dark mode only supports the default blue theme.

Why does my reading pane have a dark background?

When dark mode is turned on, the reading pane has a dark background to reduce eye strain. You can make the reading pane brighter by selecting Turn on the lights at the top of the reading pane. If you don't see the button, select More .

A screenshot of the Turn on the Lights button

How do I see the original message formatting?

To see the original message formatting, select Turn on the lights at the top of the reading pane.

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