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The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

  1. Click the Site Action tab on the top right side of the Site page where Group Approval is installed. If the tab is not shown, make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

  2. Click Site Settings to go to the Site Settings page. You may have to click Site Settings and Modify All Site Settings again according to the templates applied to sites.

  3. To go to the Users and Organizations page, under the Group Approval Administration, click Users and Organizations.

  4. From the organization chart displayed in the left pane, select an organization to which to add users. The right pane displays the information about that organization.

  5. On the taskbar displayed on the top of the page, click the Add User to go to the Add User page.

  6. In the User box of the right area, enter the user account. You can either enter the user account directly or specify it by browsing Active Directory. To browse Active Directory:

    1. Click Browse icon .

    2. In the Find box, enter a value you want, and start search by clicking search icon . The entry will be used to search the accounts and display names for matches. Up to 200 search results are displayed.

    3. From the search results displayed in the result window, highlight the person you want, and then click OK. To cancel, click Cancel.

  7. Make sure that the user box displays the selected user, and click Next. The user's right is by default set to Contribute and cannot be changed. If there is a permission conflict with the user's organization, the higher permission overrides the lower one. Note that the user should have at least Contribute permission to participate in Group Approval.

  8. The information about the selected user is displayed on the right side of the screen. Fields with matching information stored in Active Directory are populated automatically. Register a stamp or signature for the user, and modify or add information as needed. Be cautious not to use " or HTML tag. If " or HTML tag is included in any field on the page, an error will occur in approval process.

    1. Account      Displays the user's account. This field is disabled and cannot be edited.

    2. Name      Shows the display name.

    3. E-Mail Address      Enter e-mail address. Notification message is sent to this address.

    4. Organization      Select the user's organization. The organization selected in Step 4 is displayed as the default. Expand the dropdown menu, and all the organizations currently registered in the organization chart will be displayed. You can change to the organization you want as needed.

    5. Title      Select the title. Expand the dropdown menu, and all the registered titles are displayed. If you enter an unregistered title, a red warning message appears in the user information page. If the title that was registered with Active Directory when the user information was imported matches the title registered with Group Approval, it is automatically imported and displayed.

    6. Work Phone      Enter work phone number.

    7. Mobile Phone      Enter mobile phone number.

    8. Building Location      Enter the office location.

    9. Stamp      Select a stamp or signature to use for signing documents. If you select the Default stamp option, the default stamp representing Approved is used. To use another stamp or signature, click Set user's stamp, and click Browse, and then specify the location where the desired stamp or signature file is stored. Supported file formats are gif, jpg, bmp and png.

  9. To finish adding users, click Finish. If you click Back, you can change the user selection.

    Note: Users that were using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server before Group Approval was activated are automatically added to Isolated Users. However, to use Group Approval, users should be added as new users in Group Approval. Once a user is added, the user no longer appears in Isolated Users.

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