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The feature described in this Help topic is available only if any of the following versions of both Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 are installed: Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, or Korean.

  1. Click the Site Action tab on the top right side of the Site page where Group Approval is installed. If the tab is not shown, make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

  2. Click Site Settings to go to the Site Settings page. You may have to click Site Settings and Modify All Site Settings again according to the templates applied to sites.

  3. To go to the Users and Organizations page, from the Group Approval Administration area, click Users and Organizations. By default, two groups, 'Organization' and 'Isolated Users', appear in the left pane where the organization chart are displayed.

  4. On the taskbar displayed on the top of the screen, click Settings and then Manage Organization Chart.

  5. On the taskbar on the Organization Chart page, click New to go to the New Organization page.

  6. Enter necessary information. Be cautious not to use " or HTML tag. If " or HTML tag is included in any field on the page, an error will occur in approval process.




Enter the information about the organization name.

Name      Define the organization name. The organization name cannot be longer than 64 characters (Korean) or 128 characters (English). If the character exceeds its limit, the organization name appears in the organization chart, but the organization folder will not be created in the Team Folders.

Yomi      Define the pronunciation of the spelled organization name (for the Japanese version only).

Code      Enter the organization code. Group Approval maganes document numbers by organization. Therefore, a document number must include a organization name or a organization code to ensure that a unique document number is assigned. The value specified will be used in document number. The entire document number cannot be longer than 256 characters, therefore, specify the code as short as you can.

Select Organization Position

Specify the position of the organization in the organization chart.

Parent Organization      Specify a parent organization that includes the organization you are creating. To display the Select Organization dialog box displaying the current organization chart, click Browse. On the displayed organization chart, highlight the organization you want. Click OK, and then close the dialog box.

Order of sibling      Specify the position in which the organization will be displayed under the parent organizations. In the list window, the organization you are creating is displayed as New Organization. Use Move Up and Move Down next to the list window to specify the position you want.

Add Members

Add the leader and members who belong to the organization. Currently available users appear in the in the left pane. Click the users you want, and then click Members to add them to the right box. Use Move Up and Move Down to arrange the added users in the order you want. Because members appear in the organization chart in this order, you can use it to reflect the hierarchy in the organization. To specify a manager in the organization, click the user you want in the organization chart on the left, and rhen click Leader to display the user in the box next to the button. Even if you add the user already specified as the leader to members, it does not appear in the organization chart as a member. The organization chart marks the leader with an icon Leader Icon representing two persons, distinguishing it from other members Member Icon .

Give Organization Permission to this Site

Specify the permission to give organization members for the Group Approval site. If there are permission conflicts between the organization and its members, the higher permission override the lower one. For an organization, it is set to Read by default.

  1. After you have finished all settings, click Create. The organization chart reflecting any changes in the Organization Chart page appears.

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