Create bookmarks

Bookmarks help people quickly find important resources, sites, and tools. Each bookmark includes a title, a URL, and a set of keywords that trigger it.

Create a bookmark

For information about creating effective titles, descriptions, keywords, and more, see Planning your content.

  1. Go to the Microsoft Search in Bing Admin portal

  2. In the navigation pane, click Bookmarks

  3. At the top of the page, click Add bookmark
    The Edit bookmark page appears, with a preview of how the bookmark will look on Bing. As you add the required information, the preview will automatically update.

  4. Enter a Bookmark title
    The title is the heading that appears in the result. It can be up to 60 characters long.

  5. Enter the URL of the page, site, or location the bookmark will link to

  6. Enter a Bookmark description
    A description helps users understand what the bookmark is linking to. It can be up to 300 characters long.

  7. Enter Keywords you want to trigger this bookmark
    When a user searches for any of the keywords you've included, this bookmark will be included in their work results.

  8. Select Automatically match similar keywords to expand your set of keywords
    This enables a broader matching of search terms and helps ensure this bookmark is included in relevant work results.

  9. Enter Reserved keywords
    If a keyword triggers multiple bookmarks, Microsoft Search in Bing will place the most popular one at the top and show the others as related links. Use one or more reserved keywords to ensure that a bookmark always appears as the top result. Reserved keywords can't be shared across bookmarks.

Add bookmark settings

Bookmark settings give you additional control over when a bookmark appears and who sees it. 

  • Dates
    Set a start date as well as an optional end date to control when a bookmark will be published or expire. 

  • Country/region
    If you select countries or regions, only users in those locations will see that bookmark.

  • Groups
    Use the Groups setting to make a bookmark result available only to members of a selected group. For example, if you're creating bookmarks that pertain only to employees in the HR department, you could map this setting to the appropriate HR security group.

  • Device & OS
    If you select device types or operating systems, only users searching on those devices or using those systems will see that bookmark.

  • Targeted variations
    Use this setting to vary the content of the bookmark based on a user's device and location.

Use a browser extension to create content

From the Tools section of the Admin portal, download and install the Content creator browser extension for Edge or Chrome. To use the extension, sign in and go to a site or page you want to add as a bookmark. Review and change the suggested content, including keywords, add any additional content, and save the bookmark.

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