Create and save in Excel 2016

Enter data

To manually enter data:

  1. Select an empty cell, such as A1, and then type text or a number.

  2. Press Enter or Tab to move to the next cell.

To fill in a data series:

  1. Enter the beginning of the series in two cells: such as Jan and Feb; or 2014 and 2015.

  2. Select the two cells containing the series, and then drag the fill handle Fill handle across or down the cells.

Entering data in a cell

Filling data in a series

Create a chart

Easily pick the right chart for your data with the Quick Analysis tool.

  1. Select the range of cells that contain the data you want to show in a chart.

  2. Select the Quick Analysis button button image in the bottom-right corner of the selection.

  3. Select Charts, hover over each recommended chart, and then pick the chart you prefer, such as Stacked.

Try it!    Select File > New, select Take a tour, and then select the Chart Tab. For more information, see Create charts.

Charting with Quick Analysis

Save your workbook to OneDrive

Save a workbook to OneDrive for Business or OneDrive (personal) to access the workbook from different devices and share and collaborate with others.

  1. Select File > Save As.

    • To save to OneDrive for Business, choose OneDrive - <Company name>.

    • To save to OneDrive (personal), choose OneDrive - Personal.

  2. Enter a name for the file, and then choose Save.

You may need to sign in to your work or school account, or your Microsoft account. For more information, see Save your workbook.

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