Create and save

Create with a template

  1. Open Publisher.

    If you're already in Publisher, select File > New.

  2. Select or search for a template:

    • Select a FEATURED template.

    • Select BUILT-IN and select a template.

    • Search for a template using:

      • Search for online templates Start Searching button , or

      • One of the Suggested searches.

  3. Select Create.

Screenshot of templates on the Publisher Start screen.

Save your business information to re-use

Save your business information to pre-populate fields, save time, and ensure consistency.

  1. Select Insert >Business Information

    > Edit Business Information.

  2. Select Add Logo to add a logo or image. Browse to the logo, and select Open.

  3. For Business Information set name, type a name like Personal, School, or Company.

  4. Select Save.

Publisher Business Information

Screenshot of the Create New Business Information Set dialog box.

Add a text box

  1. Select Home > Draw Text Box.

  2. Drag the cross-shaped cursor to draw a box where you want to add text.

  3. Type the text in the text box.

    If the text doesn't fit in the text box, make the text box bigger, or link it to another text box.

Screenshot of a text box on a page of a Publisher file.

Insert a picture

You can insert a picture from your computer, or insert an online picture from OneDrive or the web.

  1. Select Insert > Pictures or

    Insert > Online Pictures.

  2. Find the picture you want and select it.

  3. Select Insert.

Screenshot of the Insert Pictures window for online pictures.

Save your file

When you save your file to the cloud, you can share and collaborate with others, and get to your files on your computer, tablet, or phone.

  1. Select File > Save As.

  2. Select OneDrive.

    Save personal files to OneDrive - Personal, and work files to your company OneDrive.

    You can also save to another location in the list, or add a location.

Screenshot of the Save As page of the Publisher Backstage view.
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