Create a portfolio dashboard

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If the dashboards that are included with Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard aren’t quite showing what you’d like them to, you can create your own new dashboard that is shared with your organization.

  1. Choose Dashboards > Create.

    Create button on Dashboards tab

  2. On the New Dashboard tab, give the dashboard a Name and Description.

  3. Choose Included Projects on the left side of the New Dashboard tab, to continue setting up your new dashboard.

    Included Projects

  4. In the Available Filters section, use the Select Field and Allowed Values boxes to build criteria, and then click Add Filter to include the criteria in the Active Filters box. Projects that meet the criteria are included in the dashboard.

    Add Filter button

  5. Choose Sections on the left side of the New Dashboard tab, and then build each section of the dashboard:

    • Use the Dashboard Section list to choose which section you’re customizing. Sections are listed on the left side of the dashboard.

      Dashboard Section list

    • Choose the Section Layout you want to use to display the dashboard elements in the section you selected.

      Section Layout list

    • Choose which elements you want to display in each portion of the section layout you selected.

      Section elements

  6. Choose Available Filters on the left side of the New Dashboard tab, and then choose which filters you want to make available to narrow down the information available on the dashboard.

    Set filters for a new dashboard

  7. When you’re done setting up your new dashboard, choose OK.

    OK button on New Dashboard tab

Your new dashboard will be included in the Dashboard list on the Dashboards tab.

New dashboard in the Dashboard list

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